Industry Leaderships


Founded in 2009, Co-win Ventures has built a business network covering China and the United States. Now we have offices in Suzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.


A preferred institutional investor by first-class high-tech entrepreneurs, we partner with the Innovation Fund Management Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, SDIC Chuanghe National Emerging Industry Venture Capital Guiding Fund(L.P.), CRRC Times, as well as local government guiding funds.

Two major industries

In TMT and Healthcare, Co-win Ventures has an sophisticated investment team with strong industry experiences and the ability to integrate resources.

5 Billion

Total assets under management (both RMB and USD) is near 5 billion yuan, consisting of seed funds, VC funds and PE funds.

Star Enterprises

Co-win Ventures has invested in around 120 outstanding start-ups,more than 30 of which,such as MEMSensing, InnoLight, Taimei and GeneCast, have grown into industry unicorns.


10 companies, including Eastsoft, , NewVision, ALAE, Diasc,MEMSensing, Tongcheng, and InnoLight, were successfully listed.


We look for outstanding entrepreneurs and help to accelerate the growth of start-ups.