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● Brand Story

The Chinese version of Cowin (凯风) originates from Book of Songs, China’s earliest collection of poems and a classic of China. In Book of Songs, 凯风 means the southeaster which blows around the transition days between spring and summer. When the southeaster blows, tree and grass begin to sprout and all things begin to grow. This Chinese name means Cowin will be dedicated to supporting start-ups, like the warm and humid southeaster nourishes the buds, and promote the long-term sustainable development of related industries.

● Core Value

Accelerate company growth with the help of our  industry insight, resource integration ability and value-add services, acting as a pilot and escort in the development of our start-ups.

Corporate Vision

Become a preferred institutional investor for first-class Hi-tech entrepreneurs.

● Our Mission

Cowin Venture aims to cultivate high-tech companies with international competitiveness, to create sustained and growing return of value, and to become an influential investment institution.